zaterdag 3 maart 2012

ABSOLUT Vodka x AAN x Museumnacht Rotterdam

ABSOLUT Vodka x Trash&Treasures x AAN

Illustrator Lize and typographer Alex together are AAN. AAN creates badass, oldskool graffiti style painted jeans jackets; if you had one of these back in the day, you would be the kid everybody wanted to hang with.. and we can tell you.. this hasn't changed. One jacket means hours of concentrated work, so these babies are true collectors items! When there are no jackets available, these artists just will take everything they find and turn it into a real showstopper!

For Museumnacht Rotterdam they will also give a twist to fresh, white ABSOLUT sneakers.You can find the artists and jackets at Museum Rotterdam in the ABSOLUT vitrine and especially for this occasion a pair of these painted pair of shoes will be given away! How you can become the new owner of these beauties? Find them and find out on March the 10th!

Trash&Treasuresgaragesale extraordinaire
new collection is so last season
Saturday 10th of March



Museum Rotterdam



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